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April 1, 2003 issue of BOOKLIST
“From planning to packing to safety, this kid-friendly guide to camping and hiking is loaded with information. Bright, busy pages follow sisters Emma and Lydia and three friends on a camping trip. Activities to identify trees wildflowers, and animal tracks are interspersed with facts about weather, suggestions for rainy days, and instructions for building a campfire.” Karen Hutt

May 1, 2003 issue of KIRKUS REVIEWS
“An enticing introductions to camping is attractively designed, practical, and child-friendly with its second-person voice that speaks directly to the reader. The illustrations-a combination of photographs, computer-generated art, and acrylic paint – highlight five kids on a camping adventure. Short chapters graphically lay out all the do’s and don’ts, from the first step of planning o packing to safety tips, ending with watching the sky to find constellations. ...The appealing format will get kids excited about camping and the hands-on approach will foster an appreciation for the outdoors.”


“A wonderful, informative book told from the perspective of two sisters who are taking three friends on a camping trip. It covers everything from what to take to how to hang a bear bag, how to tell the temperature by counting the crickets’ chirps, making maps, and using a compass....there is a wealth of material packed into these attractive pages. While the book is nonfiction, it unfolds as a story about a camping trip and so it makes an enjoyable read aw well as a learning experience. An excellent addition to camping collections.” Cynde Suite

April 23, 2003 issue of MORNING NEWS, DALLAS, TEXAS
“ a great tool for planning your next camping trip. Author Jessica Loy offers advice on how to build a campfire (with adult help, of course), fun games (flashlight tag, anyone?) and a quick guide to stargazing (Cassiopeia looks like a wiggly W), along with ideas about what to pack, what to eat, how to stay safe and how to keep your campsite clean and organized. After you’ve read the book, take the quiz in the back and earn a “master camper certificate.” Jennifer Okamoto

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