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Identify day | Camping 101 | Where Am I? | Knot Tying | Songs & Games | The Art of Nature | A Trip Thru The Book

children's programs
Author/illustrator, Jessica Loy has put together a list of exciting activity based presentations that are available to your school or library. Her book, FOLLOW THE TRAIL is written for ages 7 – 12 and the following programs are designed to accommodate this wide range of children. The program list represents general topics and will be tailored to the age group, size of the audience and length of time available. Most of these options work best with smaller numbers, (maximum of 40 at a time), but there are always ways to modify a presentation. Different combinations of activities can be accommodated.

Materials: All supplies will be provided. Hand-outs will be provided well in advance so that student copies can be made by the hosting organization when necessary.

Book Signing: The hosting organization is responsible for purchasing books prior to the event, which will allow for an optional book signing opportunity at the end of the program.
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Option: After each of the following programs the kids can make a GORP rope which they can eat. We learn that GORP is an energy food that hikers take along on trips.

Identifications day
Learn to identify a fox footprint, a blackbird call and a maple leaf just for starters. We will look at how to identify things we find in nature, play a game of Identification Bingo and add a print of our own.
Ages: 1st - 4th gradeooooCapacity: 30
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Camping 101
Have you ever put up a tent? Work in small teams to see if you can figure out how to set one up. There are lots of ways to build a campfire and here is your chance to play with sticks - but don't worry, we will only be building fires, not lighting them! Try your hand at tying a few knots. Take the compass challenge and find the lost treasure and finally see if you can correctly identify what belongs in a well packed backpack and what does not.
Ages: 4th - 8th gradeooooCapacity: 25
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Where Am I?
Learn different techniques for getting yourself from one place to another while hiking. We will learn to use a compass, read a map, and set up a path using scouting symbols. See if you can follow the trail. We will discuss other techniques for finding your way through the woods as well as safety measures to take if you are lost.
Ages: 4th - 6th gradeooooCapacity: 25

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Knot Tying
Believe it or "knot" there are lots of reasons to tie a few knots while camping. We will all try our hand at some simple knots and maybe a few hard ones too. It is important to know when to use each style of knot so that you can get the most use out of your new skills. We also have some fun camping games that can be played using ropes.
Ages: 4th - 8th gradeooooCapacity: 25
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Camping Songs and Games
Learn some great outdoor games that can be played without any special equipment. There are lots of fun challenges you can create from the natural elements you find while camping or hiking or just playing in the yard. We will use some of these easy to find things and play a few games. There are also lots of great classic camp songs we will learn, and you can’t end a day of camping without making up your own special group song. Song sheets will be provided for each child to take home.
Ages: 1st - 3rd gradeooooCapacity: 20
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The Art of Nature
Learn how naturalists document their findings through art. There are many different methods of putting what you see on paper, and begin your own nature journal. We will start by each making a small journal to fill with drawing, rubbings, tracings and clippings.
Ages: 3rd -6th gradeooooCapacity: 25
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A Trip Through the Book
We will travel through FOLLOW THE TRAIL and combine discussions with activities to visit different sections of the story. We will cover topics such as:
What to pack Where to set up camp Making a chore chart Leaf identification Tie a knot Play a camp game Predict the weather Learn a star constellation Packing up your campsite
We finish the lab byl taking a Master Camper Quiz.
Ages: 1th - 8th gradeooooCapacity: 25
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What's in the Backpack?
What should you have in your backpack? There are lots of things in Jessica's backpack, but some of them don't belong. Can you pick out what she needs to stay safe and happy on the trail?
Ages: 1st - 5th ooooCapacity: 50

Behind the Scenes
Learn what kind of work went into writing, illustrating and designing FOLLOW THE TRAIL. We will take a journey from beginning to end with a power point presentation to see just how this book was created. It might give you some ideas!
Ages: 4th - 12th gradeooooCapacity: 25
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