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Albany based author Jessica Loy's
Hip, New Children’s Book Makes Camping Fun
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Children across the country have been cooped up all winter. Now, with summer on the way, they want to go outside! But before they go running into poison-ivy-filled, tick-infested bear country, they had better be prepared! Enter a smart new guide to the outdoors by local author/photographer/illustrator/
outdoor guru and mother Jessica Loy.

In FOLLOW THE TRAIL, Loy introduces kids to the mysteries of nature. Featuring a host of helpful tips on a wide range of topics — from navigation to first aid to astronomy — this child-friendly compendium is chock-full of everything a burgeoning new camper needs to know. Parents will even find themselves curiously turning the pages. Included are tips on:

What to pack Finding the perfect campsite Hiking Rules Identifying poisonous plants
Tracking animal prints Campfire building and safety Reading the clouds Knowing bird sounds

The inspiration for the book comes from Loy’s love of the woods and interest in environmental conservation. Loy hopes to inspire the next generation to discover all of the amazing things that can be enjoyed by just stepping outdoors. Children currently spend a lot of time in front of computers and TV screens. "I feel a great urgency to get children outside and learning about our nature world," Loy says. "If children enjoy a day in the woods, they will most likely grow up wanting to protect that woods."
Many of the photographs included in the book were taken at the local Five Rivers Environmental Center, where many families get their first introduction to hiking and nature programs. "The Albany area is just brimming with opportunites for camping, hiking, and learning about the environment.”
adds Loy. "I feel very lucky to be raising a family here."

"Growing up in a household of hikers, I discovered a long time ago that hiking and camping offer a great opportunity for families to spend time together in a very real way. Working together to set up a tent, watching a toad hop through the leaf litter, telling stories by a camp fire, or just taking an afternoon walk through the woods, create life long memories. I hope my book can help families get started down the trail to becoming outdoor enthusiasts. It can open a child’s eyes to a new and wonderful world-and their parents' eyes too."

This guide offers something for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t require fancy equipment or special clothes, just the spirit for a great adventure.

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